Who We Are


We’re over waiting for the nonprofit industry to change, so we decided to change it ourselves.
Join the revolution.


Eyes rolled SO hard when millennials offered their volunteer time.

After twelve years in the non-profit sector our founder, Lo, was frustrated with the endless false stereotypes surrounding millennials and Gen Z’s and with the industry’s general reluctance to engage with them.

“Non-profits don’t invest time or energy in millennials or Gen Z, because they don't have the same cash flow as the donors nonprofits are used to courting; they communicate differently, and they want to volunteer differently. This seems to be throwing the industry into a dramatic tailspin that I can’t understand. Millennials and Gen Z are passionately invested in their communities, they’re capable, and they’re ready to get to work. We should be creating outlets for them, not barriers”, said Lo.

Another industry staple we’re ready to transform are the straight up snooze fest fundraisers that lack a culture of inclusion and also lack like, fun. Rage for Charity creates fundraisers where everyone rages, anyone feels welcome, and no one stresses over the details.

Why wait for the nonprofit industry to change, when we can change the industry? Join the revolution.

Together, we can rage -

Rage for change.
Rage for your generation.
Rage for charity.