Micro-fundraising, a lot of people giving a little bit of money, is our favorite. We might have made up the word, but we’re not one hundred on that. Either way, it’s effective and the wave of the future. Get on our spaceship, yo.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Do what you’re already doing for fun

  2. Ask your squad to bring a couple extra bucks for charity

  3. Text us to help you figure out who to help with the money

  4. Do the thing we helped you figure out

Still like…huh?? Pre-gaming before hitting the club, hitting the club, dinner parties, playing with cats, playing a gig, getting married, game night, house parties, pool parties, flag football in the park, painting, bowling, reading, baby showers, celebrating that you have no babies, sorting socks, staying home in hermit mode...are all fundraisers.


Program Creation

Your skills, raised money; let's do this. 

We know you want to make the world a better place. We also know you may not know how, and you’re probably broke af.  We got you. We're creative so you don’t have to be. It doesn't matter if you're a visual artist, an engineer, or a DJ; we can put you to work in your community in new and innovative ways. We draw the line at mimes. Sorry, mimes.


Group Service Projects

Sometimes you don’t want to volunteer alone. Also sometimes, you don’t feel like dealing with people who act like having fun while you volunteer is dumb.

Whether its your girls, your work family, your actual family, or just like a bunch of strangers, we'll help you plan a service project that fits your life, and we won’t care if you get extra with it.

Sometimes, we help you help other charities. We’ll find and vet a charity, advocate for you as we develop your service project, make professional introductions, and facilitate planning. We'll roll up our sleeves with you, too, unless you’re like, “Leave.”



For Ragers who barely have time to pee much less party plan, Rage for Charity just kind of takes over.

Hit us up for charitable event planning, mentoring and oversight, and volunteer support. We can do all the things, some of the things, or whatever is in between those two things. The possibilities for fundraisers are endless and so are our ideas.