Do Something

This is where you stop reading and decide to do something. Tell us all about yourself. We want to know everything so we can help you do anything.


Whatever you’re doing you can do for charity. Text RAGE to 24365.


Project of the Moment


Arcosanti International Film Carnivale

Arizona's only all documentary film festival
April 26-28, 2019

Arcosanti International Film Carnivale celebrates the arts and education in all forms with documentary film screenings, art exhibitions, educational workshops, panels, outreach programs, local music, culinary events and Arizona wine tastings.

Rage for Charity will be doing what we do best, combining bettering our community and raging hard. Volunteers are needed for set up, tear down, and everything in between. As per our usual, we’ll try to match you with the volunteer opportunity you prefer. Also as per usual, we might have to tell you to get over yourself and chip in where you’re needed.


More Upcoming Events

saint patricks day juicy sunday

Honestly, we have a shit ton of grapefruit that one of the Rage fam has warm heartedly collected from (what feels like) the entire population of Phoenix, because, um, everyone asked him and he cares about nature more than all the things. So we decided to get out a bunch of juicers, recycled and sterilized glass containers, and some vodka, ask one of our Ragers to spin sick beats, and invite you over for Sunday Funday. We’ll be asking for a $10 donation and you’ll get to take home (probably a lot) of fresh juice.


Quartermania is a charity auction for people who can’t spend ridiculous amounts of money to do good. Party planners, event promoters, and people people need to get at us, because the vibe of this auction can literally be anything you’re into and it can happen any time and anywhere you want. Did we mention you’ll get to pick who we help with the money? Yeah; it’s like that.

bridging the generation gap, AUDIO HISTORY

Are you a millennial who is over being referred to as apathetic, entitled, and lazy while people stare disapprovingly at your tattoos and/or shoes and/or you in general?

Are you a baby boomer or older who feels like millennials think you’re out of touch, inflexible, cynical, and grumpy?

The generation gap feels wider than ever before, and we’re asking you to help us start the conversations that may help close it. We’re working on recorded conversations between millennials and baby boomers (and older), all of which are eligible to be archived at the Library of Congress. Conversations will take place in convenient, public spaces such as community colleges and libraries and take less than one hour to complete.

If you’re a millennial, text RAGE to 24365 for additional details.
If you’re not a millennial, and the thought of texting makes you cringe, leave us an old fashioned voice message at 602.845.9780.


Fundraiser Ideas

Let’s not overcomplicate things; pretty much anything you like to do can be a fundraiser. Picking the right charity is important, so we help you do that too. Some simple ideas:

  • Having a party? Any kind of party? Make it a Rage for Charity. Ask your friends to bring a couple bucks instead of just beer. Don’t forget the beer.

  • Use your connections. Regular at a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar? Ask them to donate a portion of proceeds to Rage for Charity, then bring your friends and buy stuff you were going to buy anyway.

  • Text, post, and snap up a campaign to get everyone you know to use Amazon Smile. Whenever you all shop, a charity gets money. Too easy.

If you’re more adventurous, we’ll help you plan something bigger and bolder like a charity show featuring local musicians and artists, a theme party, or formal gala. At the risk of repeating ourselves, the possibilities are endless.